USA Looking for Intelligent Workers

The United States of America has traditionally been known as the land of opportunity and it is certainly true. Employment across the spectrum of work and education levels are almost always in demand, from blue collar jobs and construction in city areas to manual labor and service jobs in rural and township counties. There are numerous ways to enter the United States as either a citizen or a legal immigrant but one of the most beneficial avenues is through the Green Card Lottery. Held every year, this lottery chooses around 50,000 to 55,000 applicants to receive a green card which allows them legally reside in the United States so they may reap the benefits of living in such a great nation. As expected, there are quite a few restrictions and requirements to even qualify for the Green Card Lottery and one of them is through education.

One of the strict requirements for those interested in joining the Green Card Lottery is that they possess an education. Although this may seem daunting at first glance all that is necessary is that one has obtained the equivalent of a high school education diploma. This diploma can be one that has been procured through an actual education at a high school within the United States of America or it can include a twelve year accumulation of elementary and secondary education. One of the restrictions placed upon this requirement is most general education degrees, also known as a GED, or correspondence education courses are accepted. For someone who wishes to participate in the Green Card Lottery and wants to qualify to receive the winnings of a green card under the education requirement they must have completed a formal education equivalent to that of a United States high school degree. However, because education is commonly offered throughout most of the world this means that many people may have the chance to achieve their green card to the United States.

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