US Education Secretary Wants NCAA To Ban Players That Perform Poorly

According to US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan the National Collegiate Athletic Association has been allowing players to participate in sports, even if their grades were not up to par. Students players make a lot of money for their schools even though they are not permitted to accept cash or gifts. The majority of college student basketball, football, soccer and track and field athletes will never be associated with professional athletic associations. Colleges regularly recruit star high school athletes, but all that they offer are full scholarships. Some student athletes take full advantage of their skills by getting college scholarships and then going to prominent universities for free. Unfortunately, many student athletes are low income African Americans who aspire to play professional sports.

Arne Duncan believes that the NCAA is allowing student athletes that have no chance of graduating to participate in sports for the purposes of winning games. Athletic coordinators and coaches are required to review their players’ grades. If these student athletes are found to be performing poorly they can be dismissed from their teams. After a student has been barred from participating in college athletic programs, he or she can lose scholarship funds. This policy has caused a vicious cycle of passing the buck that benefits neither students nor schools. Many college level sports seasons take place during the fall and summer months, which means that students are regularly able to get away with having poor grades during the fall semester. NCAA officials have no yet officially responded.

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