Teaching EI In Schools

What do we go to school for? To learn facts and formulas, to get qualifications for later life and perhaps learn some life skills as well however what about some practical skills that can be used pretty much anywhere and especially in the workplace? Learning the likes of TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence for business is hardly widespread however we are going to look at the reasons why it should be on the curriculum here and what benefits it can have.

Essentially emotional intelligence can be broken down into different elements but at its most fundamental level it is the act of perceiving, analyzing and then being able to influence the emotions of others. Recognizing and keeping control of your own also plays a major role. This is especially useful in a business sense. If you come across an argument at work then you should be able to stay distant in an emotional sense while dealing with it in a cool and rational manner; indeed, you should also be able to analyze the emotions that everyone in the argument is going through and act on them accordingly – some people may need a stern word others a reassuring one. Those with a high level of EQ are also more likely to be successful in their life because of this ability to deal with situations in a rational and logical manner.

So should a portion of the school curriculum be dedicated to the teachings of EI? After all, unlike IQ, emotional intelligence is something that can be taught and developed overtime. Doing so would prove to be a rather radical shift in policy however it is a very practical skill to have and with so many businesses now using it in the workplace it is surely a handy skill that can prove very important in later life.



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