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What is a GED Test?

The General Education Development test consists of 5 different subjects that, when each is passed, combine to credit the student with having a high school level education. The GED test itself is designed exclusively for those who did not achieve their high school diploma and you must be over the age of 16 and have failed to graduate from high school to take the test itself.

The cost of the test varies greatly from state to state and you might find that it is free to take where you live; however in some places it can cost upwards of $60. Within the GED test you will study and answer question on the following subjects; social studies, maths, language arts: writing, science and language arts: reading. These are designed to give the student a broad range of education without going into overload and to ensure that all the essential skills such as reading and writing are covered and can be assessed properly.

Correct preparation for the GED test is essential as around 1/3 of those who take the test fail because they haven’t put in the required effort. It is hard to understate how important getting certified and being shown to have a high school level of education is especially when it comes to employment or promotion opportunities. Indeed, recent research has come to the conclusion that those who earn their GED or high school diploma will earn nearly $400,000 more in their lifetime than those who don’t.

With over 15 million people passing their GED test since it was founded the qualification has greatly assisted many who didn’t succeed as well as they should have in high school; getting credited with a GED test can not only boost your chances of employment but also educate you in some very practical and everyday skills.