The offshore guide: is it right for your next career move?

If you’re looking for alternative career options, an offshore job may be just the ticket. However, such a career choice requires a number of sacrifices. For one, if you have family commitments to contend with, you must be willing to drop these as and when requested. You must also be willing to work long hours away from home, often for up to a matter of months. This can certainly put strains on relationships (with both your children and a partner), especially when it comes to birthdays, holidays and school affairs.


In such a career choice, training is imperative. You may be asked to attend training courses throughout the year, such as the stcw 95. Many of these qualifications can however be achieved beforehand by attending an academy.


If staying in numerous hotels and apartments on a regular basis, whilst living out of a suitcase isn’t your thing, then an offshore career may be out of the question. Travel plays a big part in offshore work and you’ll often be asked to travel around the globe. Some may see this as a great opportunity to see the world, which of course it is. However, it’s also important to remember that some of the areas you visit will be extremely remote and often dangerous. You may experience extreme heat one week and severe cold the next, it all depends on where you are required to be.


In order to do a good job, you must be in good physical health. This can often mean training on a daily basis is a must. This requires motivation and determination and without these two traits, you may quickly fall behind. It’s important to ensure you can work for long hours, often in difficult conditions.


An offshore career certainly has some level of financial security. However, you must also be willing to work hard in order to gain this security.

You must also make an abundance of sacrifices. You may miss your child’s first school performance, your partner’s birthday or a holiday away with friends. Regardless of this, when you do have your own time, you will have the funds to do exactly what you want, which often means you can treat others with nice gifts, extravagant holidays and much needed home improvements. In some cases, you may work three months on, three months off, which can mean plenty of time at home.

Understanding Your Options for a College Degree

Gaining a college education is essential in today’s work market. If you are unsure of just which degree best suits your career goals, there are a few things that you should understand about the various degree types. College degree programs can run anywhere from two to more than eight years and how soon you want to begin working as well as the specific career that you desire will help to determine which degree program is right for you.

An Associate’s degree in any field takes around two years to complete. Popular Associate’s degree programs include nursing, paralegal studies and criminal justice. For some industries, this lesser degree is all you need to begin working at an entry level position for most companies. If however you want to begin at a higher ranking position, then you may need to consider a higher degree.

A Bachelor’s degree program will take approximately four years to complete. There are many colleges that offer night and weekend classes if you are working while obtaining your degree and in these instances it may take you a bit longer to complete your course studies. Online colleges and many traditional universities offer accelerated programs that can take a shorter period of time to complete. If you opt to obtain your degree through an online university and you take courses all through the year then you can complete a Bachelor’s degree program in about three years.

A Master’s and PhD or Doctorate degree are the highest level of degrees that you can obtain. Master’s degrees tend to take about two to three years after obtaining your Bachelor’s degree while a doctorate can take up to six or more additional years. The specific degree level that you need will depend on a number of things including where you want to go in your career.

If you are planning to teach on the university level, you will need a doctorate in most cases. Most students opt for their Bachelor’s degree which allows them to begin working in their chosen fields within four years and at a level that is a bit higher than entry level. Those wishing to obtain their degrees while working will find the flexibility of online programs to be very beneficial. They allow you to continue your studies and better your degree while still gaining work experience through your chosen field.

Most industries require only a Bachelor’s degree for many higher paying jobs although some may choose to begin with just an Associate’s degree and work their way up through the ranks based on their own skills and experience. Bachelor’s degree programs are available for virtually every career interest imaginable. Those who are planning to study law, medicine and other more professional fields will find that additional schooling after the Bachelor’s degree program is also required. It is essential that you take the time to carefully consider your career goals when choosing a degree program and ensure that you have selected the right degree level to help you to meet those goals.

How Useful Is a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing?

Obtaining a Master’s degree in any field is never a bad thing. There are some students who wonder if they are wasting their time in furthering their education. Creative writing is one field that students may struggle with when they are considering a graduate degree. If you enjoy writing and plan to do so for a career, a Master’s degree is certainly going to be worth your time. Of course, you certainly do not need a higher degree in order to write, but you will find that higher education is always worth the time and money.

Those who are considering a Master’s in creative writing will need to stop and think about where they want to go in the future. Creative writing courses will give you the instruction that you need to help you to write better. If your dream is to be the next Stephen King, you certainly will not need a degree. What you will need is creative talent and even those who do not consider themselves great writers will get a lot of benefit from advanced writing courses. You will need to think about what you want to gain from your Master’s.

Simply obtaining a degree is not going to make you a great novelist. You will need a bit of talent but what you will learn from a Master’s in this field is how to better prepare your writing. Courses will cover how to come up with creative topics and how to expand on those topics. You can apply a degree in creative writing to a number of job markets. Copywriters tend to need a bit of a creative side and a Master’s in this field will certainly help you to break into the copywriting job market. If you want to work in advertising, a degree in creative writing could help a great deal. Think about where you want to be in the future and the type of work that you want to do once you have obtained your Master’s degree.

Good writers can be trained to be great writers and courses focusing on creative writing can certainly offer you this training. If you are concerned about job availability, there are many that you could pursue with this degree. You could work in editing or publishing. Many who work in these fields have similar degrees and there is a certain level of experience that can be very useful if you plan to work in media publishing such as newspapers, magazines or the like.

You can also use your degree to start your own business and work as a freelancer. Again, while you certainly do not have to possess a Master’s degree in writing in order to work as a writer, you will find that the job market is much friendlier to those who have taken the time to obtain a degree in this field. Clients will deem you as much more professional because you have learned a number of helpful skills while obtaining your creative writing degree.

Which Degrees Give You the Best Return on Your Investment?

When it comes to choosing a college major, you may be wondering just which degree program will give you the best results with regards to earning back your investment. Generally speaking, any degree is going to have its advantages. Those with higher degrees can typically expect to earn a higher salary than someone who has no college education at all. That being said, there are a few degree programs that give you a bit more than just your money back. If you are currently on the fence about which degree you should pursue, you may want to consider those that offer a better return on your investment.

A degree in nursing is simply never a bad choice. Even if you choose to simply pursue your Associate’s degree, which you can obtain in two years, you can enter a field that is in high demand. By earning a nursing degree and then going on to complete your national licensing requirements, you can expect to have job security for many years. The field of nursing has grown in demand over the past few years and even as more and more students are choosing this as their major, studies show that nurses will always be in high demand. Choosing a degree in nursing could be an excellent way to enjoy a very rewarding career and to get a good return on your college education investment.

A degree in human resources is another good choice. If you opt for your Bachelor’s degree in this field, you could easily find yourself with a relatively high paying job right out of college. Those who major in human resources will learn effective ways of handling many employment issues like pay, staffing, training and other things that are vital in business today. With a Bachelor’s degree in this field, you could work in human resource management or you may choose to work in other sectors of the business world. The degree would give you a bit of an edge over your competition, particularly those who choose to major in business alone without any human resource training.

Finally, if you are looking for a degree that offers great future benefits, information technology is an excellent choice. Technology has grown substantially over the past decade and is set to grow even farther in the future. Those who are looking for a career that will stand the test of time should seriously consider IT. Information technology courses help train you to handle various issues facing computers and communication. With a Bachelor’s degree in this field, you could actually enter the workforce and earn a salary that is higher than those with PhDs in other fields. Students can train to work as computer system analysis, developers or any number of other professions within the information technology sector.

If you have not yet decided what you want to pursue as a college major and you want something that is going to be financially beneficial once you obtain your degree, any of these fields is a good choice. You can learn more about each career option and then determine which one best suits your interests.

Why Should You Choose a College Degree Program that Is Accredited?

Online colleges have become very popular over the past few years. They offer convenience that allows students to obtain their degrees while working or attending to other family related responsibilities. The ease of applying and attending classes from home has made them one of the most popular forms of higher education today. There are a number of online colleges that are very highly recognized as providers of quality education and these schools all have one thing in common; they are accredited. When choosing an online college degree program, it is essential that you take the time to ensure that the program is accredited by the proper agencies.

Accreditation organizations are typically private agencies and are in no way affiliated with governmental departments. The government does however, use these organizations in order to set and maintain standards for colleges both online and off. The organizations that offer accreditation exist in order to review these schools and ensure that they are offering quality education and keeping with the standards set forth for this accreditation.

Accreditation is used to monitor schools and to evaluate the quality of the education that these schools provide. Because of this, students can trust that they are obtaining education that is worth paying for and a degree that will be recognized on the job market. Schools that are not accredited do not typically offer the same quality of college education as those that have obtained accreditation and it is vital that students take the time to ensure that their school has been accredited for their degree program. In order to be eligible for jobs in certain fields, accreditation is mandatory.

It is important to understand that just because a school is accredited, this does not automatically give students an edge in the job market. In order to qualify for certain positions, students will need to ensure that they have taken the time to learn the required course materials. Having a degree from an accredited college will not instantly grant you certain job privileges. It is up to you to ensure that you do your coursework and gain as much as you can from your education. That being said, when an accredited college has a number of students who are not demonstrating a good level of education, the accrediting agency may need to examine the college to evaluate what changes are needed to improve the quality of education that students are receiving. One of the goals of accreditation organizations is to ensure that all students are receiving a quality education and to assist colleges in helping their students to be successful.

One of the main reasons that many students choose colleges with accreditation is due to financial aid. Unaccredited institutions do not typically qualify to offer students financial aid options. If you are going to be relying on federal financial aid or student loans in order to finance your college education, a school that has obtained accreditation is a must. You can find accreditation information listed on the websites of most schools and if you cannot find this information online, you should contact the school and inquire about its accreditation prior to applying.

Degree Options for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are in high demand today. If you have ever taken the time to look at any sort of advertisement then you have seen a graphic designer’s work. Many people who work in advertisement have degrees in graphic design and this field encompasses a range of different job prospects. Those who are considering a career in the graphic design field have a number of degree options available to them.

A two year degree or Associate’s degree is one option that students may choose when they wish to obtain a graphic design degree. There are a number of colleges that offer two year degrees in this field and many trade or vocational schools that offer training in the graphic design field. These lesser degrees allow you to begin working in the field quickly. Because they are two year degrees, you can get into the workforce faster and begin working in your career of choice but you should consider that although a two year degree is easier and faster to obtain, it may not qualify you for many higher paying positions.

A Bachelor’s degree will typically take four years although there are schools that offer certain accelerated courses which would allow you to complete this degree faster. If you are planning to work in graphic design, you may want to consider this higher level degree as it allows you to qualify for higher level positions which can offer more pay and better benefits than entry level jobs in this field.

You do not actually have to major in graphic design in order to work in this field although there are certain courses that you will need to take. Many students choose to obtain their Bachelor’s degrees in business with a strong focus on graphic design. You may choose to major in art which is closely related to design and this will enable you to take all of the courses that you need related to art and teach you valuable skills related to working with software programs that are often used in the graphic design industry.

If you wish to teach graphic design, you will need to pursue a graduate degree. There are a number of degree programs related to graphic design that will enable you to obtain your Master’s or your PhD in this field. Those who wish to teach on a university level will need a PhD in order to qualify as a college instructor although there are a number of private colleges and community colleges that allow their professors to hold a Master’s in the field.

If graphic design is something that interests you, you should take the time to further explore your options. Think about which aspect of the career interests you most. For instance, if you prefer the business side of marketing then a degree in business with a focus on graphic design may be best. Take the time to think about what you want to do with your degree and then choose the appropriate degree program that will enable you to meet your future career goals.